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Stay up to date with the latest trends for software monetization with SafeNet's webinars and events.

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Recent Videos

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    Les 12 plus grandes tendances 2014 en matière de licenciation des logiciels

    Nos experts discuteront des 12 plus grandes tendances en 2014 et comment elles créent des opportunités de multiplier ses revenus et de développer des nouveaux marchés.

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    12 tendencias en el licenciamiento de software en 2014 que debería conocer.

    Nuestros expertos hablaran sobre 12 tendencias en el licenciamiento de software en 2014 y su importancia para generar negocio, oportunidades y desarrollar nuevos mercados.

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    Supporting multiple deployment scenarios - Isolated networks, Cloud, On-premise

    In this webcast, learn how supporting multiple deployment scenarios from one management system improves business practices.

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    12 Hot Software Licensing Trends in 2014 You Should Know About

    Ansgar Dodt presents the key trends in software licensing and how they create opportunities to drive revenue and develop new markets. This webinar is for ISV's, Cloud Software companies, 'C' Level staff, Product Managers, Software Developers, Sales, Operations, Embedded Software Developers

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    From Zero to Software Protection in 60 Minutes

    From Zero to Software Protection in 60 Minutes discusses the options available to protect your software and how to implement protection in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

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    Seven Traits of Licensing Champions

    A licensing implementation will cover touch points across every organization in your enterprise. In this webcast we'll discuss the common business integration considerations.

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    Leveraging Usage-based Business Models as a Monetization Strategy

    In this webcast you will learn how you can take advantage of real-time application usage data to offer new business models or derive insights to drive product strategy and growth.

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    Navigating the Cloud: Customer Usage & Insight with Forrester's Holger Kisker

    Customer Usage and Insight – paving the road to optimized cloud-based business models

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    7 Steps to Software (R)evolution: How to Boost Software Profits with New Licensing and Entitlement Best Practices

    This session covers why some software licensing implementation projects fail, as well as the 7 habits of successful licensing implementations.

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    Best practices in Software Protection - White Box Cryptography

    White box cryptography is an additional essential component that enables developers to protect their applications against reverse engineering, tampering, and automated attacks. Presented by Bastiaan Van Dorsten, Pre-Sales Consultant, SafeNet