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Stay up to date with the latest trends for software monetization with SafeNet's webinars and events.

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Recent Videos

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    Leveraging Usage-based Business Models as a Monetization Strategy

    In this webcast you will learn how you can take advantage of real-time application usage data to offer new business models or derive insights to drive product strategy and growth. View this webcast to learn: - How software publishers are using cloud licensing to gather usage information - How to leverage Cloud licensing for pure play as well as on-premise applications - What “Cloud connected licensing” is and how this helps with usage and measurement

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    Virtualization and Effective Software Licensing in Virtual Environments

    While network virtualization helps enterprises to reduce costs, it also poses a challenge for software producers, who have traditionally relied on the ability to bind licenses to something physical in order to control access to their software. Software producers are in need of new tools to track, control and manage the use of their applications when deployed in highly advanced virtual networks. Presented by Dale Hopkinson, Sales Engineer, SafeNet

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    WEBINAR: A Cloud Connected Experience with an On-Premise Application (TMCNet)

    In this presentation, SafeNet's Omkar Munipalle, Director of Cloud Services, will host Amy Konary, Research Vice President of Software Licensing, Provisioning and Delivery at IDC.

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    Software Protection Best Practices – Deepening the Secure Bond between the Hardware Key and Your Application

    In Q1 we reviewed the use of Sentinel APIs to integrate protection with minimal code interference, in Q2 we discussed streamlining your back office management and automating business processes, and I would like to now invite you to our Q3 session - to hear how Sentinel Envelope offers an even greater level of protection with our newly launched feature, AppOnChip.

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    Taking Back Your Back-office: Start Automating your Business Processes and Heighten the Customer Experience

    In our experience there is one thing keeping ISVs throughout the world from replacing manual licensing processes with automation - it’s their back office! It’s not uncommon to accumulate a labyrinth of systems that before too long take on a life of their own. Companies want to enhance their offering and ultimately improve the customer experience but don’t know where to start.

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    Integration Done Right - using the Sentinel API's

    View this webcast and learn about the Sentinel application programming interface benefits. Presented by Adam Denyer-Hampton, Pre-Sales Consultant, Software Monetization, SafeNet

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    Software License Enforcement: How to Migrate from Hardware Dongles to Software-based Form Factors

    In this informative webcast, our team discusses the business drivers that are leading to the transition from hardware to software form factors, how to make this move effectively and seamlessly, and what solutions SafeNet offers that meet the needs of evolving software vendors.

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    Navigating the Cloud: Making the Transition from On-Premise to On-Demand: Defining a Software Publisher's Journey into the Cloud

    This webcast, presented by Saugatuck's Mike West and SafeNet's Todd Steel, gives greater insight into the transition from On-Premise to On-Demand.

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    Navigating the Cloud: Lucrative Software Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the Cloud

    Part of the Navigating the Cloud webcast series, this presentation covers some of the most critical aspects affecting SaaS applications.

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    ISVs Leveraging SAP Investment while Transitioning to the Cloud

    Todd Steel presents how ISVs are leveraging their SAP investment while you transition your services to the cloud. (2012)