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Stay up to date with the latest trends for software monetization with SafeNet's webinars and events.

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Recent Videos

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    [Frost & Sullivan] Get Connected To Profit: Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

    Did you know that three in four software publishers are already offering usage-based pricing options or are committed to doing so in the future? It’s true. The rise of the cloud and Software as a Service has led to an industry-wide transition from perpetual licenses to subscription-based billing.

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    Subscriptions are Eating Software

    Are you ready to tap into the $130 billion software subscription market? In an essay published in The Wall Street Journal, Marc Andreesen famously described the future of technology industry stating that “software is eating the world.” IDC recently published its software and licensing predictions for 2016. The number one prediction is: Software subscription revenue will continue its rapid growth trajectory to reach $130 billion in 2016, a 21 percent increase over 2015.

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    Software Licensing in an Embedded World

    For nearly four decades, NI (National Instruments) has been instrumental in providing engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. Its LabVIEW system features a graphical UI that makes it simple to develop everything from widgets to intelligent devices.

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    Getting Your Licensing Project off the Ground

    To make the most of software licensing technology, you first need to consider how your licensing strategy aligns with your business processes.

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    How Can Entitlement Management Benefit Your Organization?

    For software vendors, the ability to manage all of their licensing and entitlement activities using one centralized tool is a big advantage. An entitlement management system can automate various business operations and provide business insight if utilized correctly.

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    Software Licensing - Driving incremental revenue by leveraging cloud technologies

    This webinar discusses how using cloud technologies to collect data to enable multiple business models can in turn drive product insight, investment decisions and create more attractive packages.

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    What is the Right License Model for your Business?

    To figure this out, watch this Ask the Experts webcast, featuring Duncan Jones, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Dave DiMillo, Principal Consultant at SafeNet. If you develop software; on-premise, SaaS or embedded within an intelligent device – this webinar is for you.

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    The Internet of Things: A security risk or a monetization option

    Deep dive into the potential the “Internet of Things” has for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers, and understand what tools and technologies will lead to successfully embracing this trend.

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    Navigating the Challenges of Software Licensing

    Adrian Pierce, Principal Consultant SafeNet discusses software monetization strategies and measures you can take to increase the profitability of your intellectual property. You will hear about the four cornerstones that are included in any software monetization strategy - packaging, control, management, and monitoring. If reducing costs and increasing revenue are challenges for you, make sure you don’t miss this webinar.

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    Supporting multiple deployment scenarios - Isolated networks, Cloud, On-premise

    In this webcast, learn how supporting multiple deployment scenarios from one management system improves business practices.